Helping with others

Twenty five years, have passed since we march out from the San Jacinto National High School grounds. Some of us continued with our college education, some have sought employment, some have entered the marriage life, and some have stayed behind. After those twenty long years, we will be going back home for a get-together and reminisce the past that it was. However we must not forget to give share what we have reaped during our journeys to our old chums and batch mates who were less fortunate to obtain as many as some of us have realized.

In this page, we will see who among our batch mates, colleagues, acquaintances and friends have generously part with what they have. The purpose of this page is not to boast or flaunt our contributions but to inspire others to also give because however big or small our donations, they are all from the bottom of our hearts. Bless are those who give and receive the fruit of men’s labor and mercy of God.

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